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During the Informatics 115 course ‘New Digital Media’ I learned about the variety of the world of digital media, and not only that, I also participated in them. In this course, we learned about social media, podcasts, blogging, curation, and gifs, and we also had the opportunity to have some ‘hands-on’ experience with them. 

One of INF 115’s projects were the creation of a blog. Although I believe I’m Not Ready to Relax has more potential, it has served as a preview of what could be something great if I build a blog with greater care.

With the creation of a blog, we managed to produce a variety of posts relating to every topic discussed in class. The following a breakdown of every blog post I made and I’m Not Ready to Relax stats.



YCAC Latam


Recommendations 4 all (pt.1)

Recommendations 4 all (pt.2)

Conociéndonos a distancia (entrevista) – primera grabación de podcast

Plan de trabajo: investigación

Instagram Fashion Curation

Storytelling Through Blogging (quarantine vlogs)

GIFs !

Episodio de Podcast (bloggers) – segunda grabación de podcast

Artwork Curation (Google Arts & Culture)

The End (reflexión)

Blog Statistics:

My favorite blog posts were the ‘Recommendations 4 all’ posts because I really enjoy recommending things to people, especially music.

However, my favorite activities were probably the Instagram curation and the Google Arts & Culture art curation. I really enjoyed these two activities because I got to curate and talk about things that interest me and give them my own aesthetic. I also really liked the experience of the two; I realized how fun curation can be, not only for yourself, but for others who enjoy the same topics as you.

On another note, although I didn’t precisely love the activity, I found the activity of vlogging our quarantine moments for a whole week quite interesting, as I came to the realization that I very much respect vloggers. These people have a lot a work on a daily basis, something that I could never keep up with.  

This semester has been pretty hectic due to the circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic; however, I think I’ve come to come to terms with how the upcoming semesters will play out, and for whatever time it might be. I had my fair share of challenges this semester, but there wasn’t really a point where things got too much for me due to the remote modality, in fact, I’m pretty much accustomed to it by now. For this I’m thankful, this is not the case for many students around the world. I will say that my main “issue” with online classes has mostly been the constant worry that I’ve forgotten to do homework from a class. Nevertheless, the thing I’ve most taken advantage from this semester has been the ability to multitask and being able to sleep in for a little longer. Lastly, I can definitely say that these last semesters online have allowed me to familiarize myself with working online and learn a bit more about technology’s helpful features for working from the distance. This is something I’m sure will be of benefit in my future.

In the class of INF 115, I think that the most important things I learned were the versatility of digital media and how great it is to know as much as you can about them. During the class, I learned how much we can do with the different digital mediums, for example, a curation can be done in basically every social media or blogging platform. About the second thing I learned, I realized how learning as much as you can about the different digital mediums, even if it’s only to be familiarized, can make a big impact when you want to develop ideas, because something new that you might have just discovered about a digital medium may help you bring to life an idea of yours.

The class of INF 115 allowed myself to learn more about the world of digital media and helped me to know my way around them for when I might need to come across one of its platforms or practices.

If I could change anything from the course, I think it would be the quarantine vlogging activity. Instead of making it a week-long project, make it a one-to-three-day project, as it was honestly a bit hard to keep up when all you did was basically the same thing each day, or were too busy working or doing schoolwork.

Lastly, as a final activity for the class, here is a video that sums up a bit how this semester has gone for me during the pandemic.

‘Twas a good semester overall.

Take care of yourself and others.

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