Featured image by Zui Hoang on Unsplash.

Hello all!

For the INF 115 class we had to carry out a curation through the social media platform of Instagram.

According to the Oxford dictionary, curation is the action or process of selecting, organizing, and caring for the items in a collection or exhibition.

The topic I chose to curate was fashion, where I published six posts of different outfits from some of my favorite fashion content creators.

I love fashion, and I love finding new places where I can simply scroll and gain fashion inspiration and even find new content creators that showcase styles I love.

Therefore, I decided to curate this topic as a means to create a place for fashion lovers who seek to gain inspiration and find new and creative people to follow!

A. Curating

Here is the content I came up with through curating.

Here is a closer look of the posts I made.

The photos I curated came from the following Instagram accounts:







B. Recommendations

As a second part of the project, we also had to recommend six Instagram profiles that follow the theme we decide to focus our curation on.

I decided to create a post where I presented all of the recommended accounts in one publication, complemented with a picture and brief description of each account.

These accounts are sources where I tend to go to when I want some fashion inspo! They each have their unique aura.

Here is the post, Fashion Instagram Accounts Recommendations:

Swipe to see more!

Here is a closer look to the recommendations post:

The accounts that I recommended are the following:







I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!

Note: Prequel and Canva were used for editing.

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