Featured image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

I would like to take this opportunity and use this platform to share with you guys something very special that’s happening! Hopefully some of you decide to join in!

I want to talk to you about Youth Climate Action Coalition in Latin America (YCAC Latam).

YCAC LATAM is a Youth-led environmental organization that aims to make an impact regarding climate action in Latin America through educating and creating green projects. YCAC Latam is a branch of the Youth Climate Action Coalition (YCAC Youth), which is the original organization founded by high school students from Del Oro High School in Northern California.

Note: YCAC Latam’s website in currently in development.

YCAC Youth’s Twitter!
YCAC Latam’s Instagram!

Climate change is something that affects all of us, some more than others due to environmental injustice and disparities, but it essentially effects everyone. Earth is getting hotter, sea levels are rising, atmospheric events are becoming more extreme, biodiversity is less each year, among other phenomenons. Planet Earth provides so much for us and it is our responsibility to take care of it and conserve it, for this is our only home.

Here is a very moving video about the reality of climate change:

“Man vs Earth” by Prince Ea

In YCAC LATAM you can be part of the change our planet so desperately needs.

YCAC Latam has a place for everyone. Not only will every member take part, hands-on, into constructing a healthier and more sustainable future, but each member is invited to apply for official teams to help YCAC Latam grow. Some of these teams are: Graphic Design, Website Development, Social Media, Outreach, and Translation. Be part of something you’re not only passionate about but something that will provide you with valuable and versatile experience.

Presently, YCAC Latam is only starting, but I believe that’s what makes this project so exciting. The idea of establishing a YCAC chapter in Latin America is fairly recent; therefore, the organization is currently actively looking for people to join. The only qualification that is needed is passion over climate action and a compromise with being active in the organization.

If you are interested in being part of this project, check out YCAC Latam’s Instagram, @ycaclatam. If you do decide to join, there’s a form on their bio for those interested in joining that you call fill.

I encourage you all to try it out. Climate change is real and we must think about the type of life we want to give to future generations.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

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