Instagram Fashion Curation

Cover picture by Zui Hoang on Unsplash. Hello all! For the INF 115 class we had to carry out a curation through the social media platform of Instagram. According to the Oxford dictionary, curation is the action or process of selecting, organizing, and caring for the items in a collection or exhibition. The topic I … Continue reading Instagram Fashion Curation

Plan de trabajo: investigación INF

¡Hola a todes! Actualmente en la clase de INF 115, nos encontramos en el proceso de la creación de una investigación relacionadas a los nuevos medios digitales. Mi grupo--compuesto por Krysthina Rivera, Jimena Caballero, Adriana Rivera y yo--estará realizando una investigación sobre el tema de bloggers / bloguerxs. Sin embargo, nuestro tema de investigación es … Continue reading Plan de trabajo: investigación INF


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Welcome to my blog, I'm Not Ready to Relax. This is a space for creative and honest works such as essays and opinions, personal reflections, short stories, and more. Here, I will discuss topics such as climate change and climate action, sustainability, social justice and human rights, and more. I will also share recommendations, such … Continue reading Welcome